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May 2019: We just returned from our 20. Lithops Safari.

The new Locality List can be reviewed at section Update.

Pictures will follow. 

We support a Lithops Project, in which a  Finish / South African team investigate the extent and evolution of locally optimized camouflage coloration in the genus Lithops. They use hyperspectral and multispectral camera equipment for making detailed comparisons of the visual properties of Lithops species and the soil on which they grow across numerous locations in southern Africa. The picture was made while searching for Lithops localis.


May 2018: We just returned from our 19. Lithops Safari.

The new Locality List can be reviewed at section Update.

Pictures will follow. 

"Wild Lithops"
has been launched on Aug 21, 2017 in Göttingen, Germany. 

From left: Isabell Seeger, Harald Jainta, Noreen Hirschfeld, Klaus Hess.

Order Instructions

Signed books for private people can directly be ordered from the author:


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Chronology of Book Distribution

### To date Wild Lithops is distributed to 28 countries ###

03.09.2020: Book arrived in Slovenia

14.06.2018: Book arrived in Finland

02.01.2018:  Book arrived in Israel

Dec 2017:    Denmark

Dec 2017:    Canada

28.11.2017:  Book arrived in Poland

Nov 2017:    Malta

02.11.2017:  Book arrived in New Zealand

12.10.2017:  Book arrived in Czech Republic

10.10.2017:  Book arrived in South Korea

05.10.2017:  Book arrived in Greece

05.10.2017:  Book arrived in the Netherlands

Sep 2017:      Switzerland

Sep 2017:      Russia

27.09.2017:  First book arrived in China (Shanghai)

27.09.2017:  First book arrived in Hungary

26.09.2017:  First book arrived in Sweden

25.09.2017:  First book arrived in  Australia

24.09.2017:  First book arrived in  Ukraine

22.09.2017:  First book arrived in USACalifornia

20.09.2017:  First book arrived in Japan

15.09.2017:   First book arrived in South Africa

09.09.2017:  First book arrived in Italy

08.09.2017:  First book arrived in Namibia

06.09.2017:  First book arrived in USA, Texas

31.08.2017:   First book arrived in United Kingdom

31.08.2017:   First book arrived in Spain

30.08.2017:  First book arrived in France

29.08.2017:  Book arrived at first German reader

24.08.2017:  First book sent out

21.08.2017:  Books are printed and arrived in Göttingen


Lithops are called “Living Stones”. They are tiny, highly-specialized succulents from southern Africa. Indeed, they are very remarkable plants.     

In plant kingdom, they are exceptional and extreme examples of camouflage and perfect adaptation to the harsh desert climate. Lithops are truly hard to find in nature.    

Beginning in 2003 we often travelled through Namibia and South Africa to systematically document habitats of Lithops.  So far, and in 16 trips, we could document 315 colonies.

This web page is aimed introducing into the project "Wild Lithops". It shall show the natural beauty of the plants and inspire other interested people. We hope to get closer to such people supporting natural conservation who like to get in touch with us.  

It is also intended to use this platform for a network of field researcher.     

About us

We, Anja & Harald Jainta, live in Quickborn/Germany and fell in love with southern Africa. Lithops in nature got our passion. Anja searches and usually finds the plants, Harald studies them intensively, both we made numerous photographs. The essence is shown in the book "Wild Lithops", a new monograph, dedicated for "Lithoparians", nature lovers and friends of Namibia, South Africa and it's desert wonders.